Episode 29: Petra Munro Hendry

In Episode 29 Dr. Ng-A-Fook interviews Dr. Petra Munro Hendry, an Endowed Professor Emeritus of the St. Bernard Chapter of the Louisiana State University Alumni Association. Dr. Munro Hendry draws on curriculum studies, history, and philosophy to share her wisdom on the practice of history in relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic, curriculum history, and a history of education from a transatlantic perspective. We discussed some of the following issues: the labour of writing, the inhumane “academy,” scientism, dis-ease with fear, militarization of modern medicine, distancing trauma, viral epistemology of love, compassion, macro and micro historical entanglements, intra-actions, assemblages of trans-Atlantic educational spaces, rogue curriculum, creole pedagogies of enslaved Africans and Indigenous peoples, Haitian revolution, counterpublics, moral equality, a universal global community, reimagining conceptions of the “educated” citizen, and so much more.