Addressing Intergenerational Harms of Settler Colonial Violence in Teacher Education ft. Keri-Lynn Cheechoo

WARNING: This episode contains reference to the Indian Residential School System and may trigger strong emotional reactions in some listeners. For support, please be in touch with The Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line (1-866-925-4419)

During this episode we discuss the intergenerational harms of the Indian Residential Schooling system, medical system and systemic racisms, trauma informed pedagogies, and the necessary professional learning needed in teacher education with Dr. Keri-Lynn Cheechoo, an Iskwew from the community of Long Lake #58 First Nation. Dr. Keri-Lynn Cheechoo is an emergent Cree scholar who situates her pedagogy through both a praxis of ethical relationality, and her Nisgaa methodological framework which is framed by protocol, mamatowisin, or engaging inner mindfulness, and reciprocity.

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