Episode 43: Heather McGregor

In Episode 43 Dr. Nicholas Ng-A-Fook interviews Dr. Heather McGregor an Assistant Professor within the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University. Dr. Heather McGregor shares her insights about history education, settler colonial studies, urgency for us to address climate change, and the Anthropocene. We discussed some of the following issues: negotiating current contexts of COVID-19 pandemic, RSV, and flu season with our kids, curriculum theory, growing up in Iqaluit, holistic approaches to teaching and learning, wicked problemsdecolonizing historical consciousness, witnessing Arctic encounters with the more-than-human world, ethical relationality, continuity and climate change, questioning the role of history educationStudents on Icehistorical consciousness and thinking, radical conceptions of hope and pedagogy, addressing truth and then reconciliation with Indigenous and non-Indigenous northern youth, and so much more.