Understanding racisms and settler colonialism ft. Tim Stanley

What is settler colonialism, and what is its relationship to racisms? To answer these questions, Nicholas and Stephen talk with uOttawa’s Dr. Timothy Stanley about his scholarship on settler colonialism and racisms in relation to past and present events. Dr. Stanley explains that when people talk about racism, they usually think about bad people doing bad things at a distance, but that we should think about it as a structural phenomenon that’s always at play for excluded groups. Dr. Stanley further explains how these structures are part of and support a cultural landscape of colonialism that reinforces Canada as a place for only certain peoples. In addition to discussing treaties, concepts of property, through to today where Indigenous peoples are now often excluded from their own lands, Dr. Stanley offers key questions we can ask of ourselves and our students in learning to understand these issues.

Read more about Dr. Stanley and his work here: https://uniweb.uottawa.ca/members/640